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  • Netaya


    Founded in 1999, Netaya has grown to be one of leading online destinations for fine jewelry.

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  • Netdressed


    Netdressed is a niche specialist luxury retail platform offering an editorial selection of the best emerging and established brands from around the world. We work with select retailers and designers to bring you the latest in men's and women's fashion, footwear, jewelry and accessories. Across all product categories—from streetwear to accessories, daywear to eveningwear—we focus on balancing the established with the emerging, the traditional with the innovative, giving you a carefully curated and specialized offering that your larger competitors can't offer.

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  • Neiwai


    NEIWAI 成立于 2012 年,始终以制造世界上比较优质的服装为使命。经过十年的研究、开发和成长,我们现已成为世界知名的优质生活方式品牌,为男士和女士提供内衣、休闲风格和家居服以及运动休闲服。

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