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  • Feelhour


    The founding team of FEELHOUR has been engaged in international beauty retail for more than 10 years and was responsible for the creation and development of many internationally renowned overseas beauty retail. Based on our extensive experience in the international beauty market and relevant research in the Chinese market, we have established close relationships with global suppliers with the mission of "creating a relaxing, healthy and fashionable shopping journey for customers"

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    At FOREO, we want to empower you to create the world in your own image. The belief that you are unique is behind everything we do, and everything we do is designed to help you feel naturally beautiful and healthy. That’s what keeps us working hard to create pioneering products that have a positive impact on your well-being.

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  • Friction Free Shaving

    Friction Free Shaving

    Friction Free Shaving is the world’s first online shaving club exclusively for women. We deliver razors and replacement blades to 10,000's of members each month, as well as a range of shaving products. Say FFS to rip off razors and hello to smooth legs!

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  • Farmacy


    We use cutting-edge science to harness the healing powers of ingredients found in nature. The result is farm-to-face skincare that lives up to its full potency and potential through clean, thoughtful formulas. Farmacy explores local farms around the world in pursuit of unique ingredients that deliver unparalleled freshness and potency. Knowing the source of its key ingredients means that Farmacy can vouch for the quality of its clean ingredients. Farmacy has partnered with organic farms in New York, Pennsylvania, and, most recently, with a farm in Northeast Brazil.    

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