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  • Best Buy

    Best Buy

    Best Buy is North America's number one specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software, appliances, audio, TVs, video, cell phones, offices, music, movies, books, games, toys, and GPS systems. Best Buy offers weekly sale specials and a huge outlet selection for discounted items.    

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  • Bose APAC

    Bose APAC

    BOSE is one of the earliest speaker manufacturers in the world, and also the revolutionary of "original sound reproduction technology" in the industry. Since its establishment in 1964, Bose has set the standard of audio technology, which is of milestone significance. From the creation of reflective sound technology in the 1960s to the groundbreaking noise reduction technology in the 1980s, as well as pushing the barriers of immersive surround sound to wireless and Wi Fi technologies. Its products cover civil audio, professional audio, automobile audio and noise elimination products.

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