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  • Dr. Brandt Skincare

    Dr. Brandt Skincare

    Dr. Brandt Skincare provides the best anti-aging line and skincare products for flawless and younger-looking skin. With over 20 years in practice translated into a hugely popular skincare line, Dr. Brandt fuses cutting-edge science with active botanicals and remains always in the search for state-of-the-art ingredients and technologically advanced delivery systems.     

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  • Dermelect


    Dermelect Cosmeceuticals is a complete treatment range founded on the principle of providing innovative solutions to empower you with results shrouded in luxury. Our mission is for you to exude an inner confidence while your new outer beauty is on show. Our ingredients are sourced worldwide and we formulate only with the best to cohesively create effective solutions to address the problem. We back every product with the knowledge and experience of beauty’s leading skin and nail care professionals and formulators.

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